About Carpenter Surveyors

So how do we convince you?

Michael Carpenter MRICS Managing Director Carpenter Group of companies

Michael Carpenter MRICS Managing Director Carpenter Group of companies About Carpenter SurveyorsCall it chalk or call it cheese. Fact is, we’re not all the same.

What’s in a name? That’s the question. And why should that matter to you?

Whether you’re a lender, property professional, solicitor or a member of the public there’s one thing you already know. Life has shown you that whatever you buy; or whenever you engage a service provider, there’s surely a difference between one supplier and another.

Not all firms are the same. To really stand out from the crowd, you have to work hard at it everyday, the result is what you rely on us for. Sound judgment, quality and expertise.

What you really need to know ‘About Carpenter Surveyors’ is that everyday we try hard to be little better than the day before. It’s as true twenty-seven years later, as it was when we started way back in 1988. Its why our clients trust us and in business trust is everything. We know because we have built a business on it.

The distinctive Carpenter livery is seen all over the country.  The Carpenter head office is based in the Midlands. A dedicated team of exceptional people support our clients and field based surveying team with administration, transcription and production support.

To find out about Carpenters Surveyors Ltd and how they can help you solve your building surveying problems call 0845 644 6691 or contact us by email.  To find out more about Carpenter Surveyors wide range of services, click here. Give us a call, you will not be disappointed because we aim to provide all clients with high standards of service.

Distinctive Carpenter livery is seen all over the country.