Valuation & property surveying for Banks & Lenders

Twenty-seven years and counting

surveying for Banks & Lenders

Underwriting protected with quality valuation

Carpenter has been active in valuation and property surveying for major banks and lenders for twenty-seven years.

Since 1983 Carpenter has been synonymous with high quality, high service property expertise. From banks to businesses, private individuals to property investors, all have come to trust the Carpenter name for property expertise and exceptional service. Few other firms can rival the breadth and depth of experience across both the residential and commercial sectors in the regions in which it operates. With offices in the Midlands and Manchester, Carpenter covers some of the largest and most densely urban areas of mixed residential and commercial property in the country outside London.

You already know what you’re looking for and what’s important to you. Your reputation and your business depend on it. That’s why you need to be very careful about who you choose to partner with in valuation and property services. In this changed world due diligence counts and quality is your measure.

Approved panel surveyors for commercial and residential property

carpentercoverExperience, judgement and insight are the three critical qualities that make the difference between the average and the exceptional. Anybody who makes the claim for it expects to be measured against it. If the last three years has taught us anything, it’s that all firms are not equal. There is a difference. Following the storm of a recession and the fall of the mediocre the strong have quietly thrived and the Carpenter name stands out from the crowd.

At Carpenter we are proud of our reputation and are loyal to our clients who trust our judgement when it comes to property, because in any business there is simply no substitute for experience. A quiet authority and a tempered judgement characterise the Carpenter approach. It’s a style our clients respect because when it comes to managing risk, it starts with the valuation.

Quality that works.

Mandatory counter signatures on all commercial reports, peer review, regular auditing and extensive internal quality control checks mean a Carpenter report is a quality report.

Clients benefit from bespoke report templates and a responsive service that delivers. Clearly set-out valuation methodology and up to date access to all the necessary database sources for comparable data and intelligence means you can rely on a Carpenter report as the foundation of your underwriting process.

That’s why in continuous rounds of down-sizing, rationalisation and audit reviews Carpenter remains on nearly all of the prime lenders valuation panels with few exceptions. Smaller and private lenders know and trust Carpenter by name.

Carpenter operates with a £5 million professional Indemnity cover


Quality control and excellence from a central hub.

Carpenter cover Manchester, Birmingham and Watford (for the London area) with
a management centre based in the Midlands.

Our management centre is the heart of the operation and all core processes such as transcription, auditing, invoicing and production control happen from one central management location.

This centralised hub-spoke model means a highly secure and due-diligence driven process underpins local valuation knowledge. Our surveyors concentrate on valuation and inspection not admin

Our proprietary method tuned over years, focuses on consistency, quality and security by having a very clear demarcation between functions and processes which reduces duplication, underpins quality and creates transparency in the management process.