Building Surveying for Estate Agents

Rewards with service in a professional partnership with Carpenter

Building Surveying for Estate Agents

Estate Agents – have your cake and eat it

You’re providing a valuable service to buyers and vendors when you recommend a private survey.

More and more people are considering a private survey in property transactions. And it makes sense. With the lenders Mortgage Valuation only covering the LTV, there’s a big piece of the risk left over.

Carpenter work with many estate agents as a key valuation partner. Providing RICS Homebuyer reports, building surveys and Carefulbuyer reports. Our estate agency partners simply pass the details to us and we do the rest. Its easy, fast and most importantly rewarding.

You benefit from confidently recommending quality services and there’s an economic benefit too. For every successful conversion we naturally give a little back by way of thank you. There’s many ways to slice the cake and still maintain your independence.

Talk to Carpenter about our rewards programme for estate agents“Sell a vital service, stay independent and get rewarded. Call it an all around good idea.”

“Did you know that Carpenter has surveyors all over the Midlands and North West, the South East and the South West? We’re in your backyard!”