Incredible but true

It’s incredible but true that almost every single house for sale in the UK right now has some kind of defect. 90% of the properties inspected for Homebuyer reports had defects based on an analysis of the properties we inspected during just one year.

Some people spend more time carefully choosing their next £1000 glitzy TV set than they do choosing their next £200,000 home! It’s a national lottery with potentially disastrous results – why not use Carpenters Surveyors – the private buyers surveyors.

Research shows that 16% of properties have serious structural defects, but which ones? Can you tell by looking? And do you think the vendor is going to tell you even if they know? Unpredictable price corrections across the UK mean that you simply cannot rely on an estate agents valuation or gut feel – you must take steps to establish the value and property condition yourself before you commit.

Opinions are useless in negotiation. The vendor doesn’t really care what you think. What you need are solid facts and proof from an independent professional that cannot be argued against.


You can avoid the financial and emotional disaster of paying hundreds of thousands of pounds for a seriously defective property simply by having a Carpenter private survey before you decide to buy.

Which survey do you need?

As experienced private buyers surveyors, Carpenter offers a wide range of property reports, including the Carefulbuyer range of inspections. To ensure you get the very best advice, call to discuss the report that’s exactly right for you.  To find out more about the services and reports that Carpenters Surveyors can offer you, call: 0845 644 6691

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