The Carefulbuyer Report sets a new standard in property inspection.
Take the gamble out of buying property with the ultimate property survey.

Carefulbuyer sets a new standard in property survey and valuation which is unmatched by anything else. Quite simply – no other property survey available is likely to protect you like a Carefulbuyer survey. Not even the RICS Homebuyers Survey & Valuation can match Carefulbuyer for content, scope and detail.

Carefulbuyer Property Surveys are for smart buyers who don’t take unnecessary risks when buying property. Carefulbuyer offers you the most comprehensive range of property surveys money can buy to guide you right to the heart of your property buying decision with total

A Carefulbuyer survey will arm you to the teeth with everything you need to make the right decision, including practical ammunition for effective negotiation. Good or bad, you’ll know exactly what you’re letting yourself in for before you part with a single penny.

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About the Carefulbuyer Report

There are currently four main types of carefulbuyer™ property survey:

Carefulbuyer Survey & Valuation- General use

Carefulbuyer Survey & Valuation- First Time Buyers

Carefulbuyer Survey & Valuation- Retirement

Carefulbuyer Survey & Valuation- Buy to Let.


What are the main objectives of the report?

The Carefulbuyer  Survey & Valuation report is designed to:

  • Give you a realistic and informed professional opinion on the value and condition of the property that was inspected.
  • To set out what decisions and actions should be taken before you consider buying the property, such as urgent repairs or other specialist reports which need to be obtained (e.g. Damp & timber).
  • Identify specific information that you can use in effective negotiation to try to reduce the asking price.
  • Help you understand more about the type of property you intend to buy
  • To give specific advice that may apply to you as a first time buyer, second time buyer or buy-to-let landlord etc.

What is the content of the report?

  • Within the scope and detail of the inspection, the report covers the general condition of the property and focuses on the issues which the Surveyor thinks are urgent or significant.
  • Explain in simple English the scope.
  • Urgent matters are defects that may be a real or developing threat; either to the fabric of the building or to personal safety.
  • Normally you should put them right as soon as possible after purchase, or sometimes even before the property is purchased.
  • Significant matters are those which, typically, in negotiations over price would be reflected in the amount finally agreed.
  • A section on possible points to help in effective negotiation is included in the report.
  • The report will also help you understand the implications (if any) relating to the property type and age; for instance, there are implications to owning an early Victorian property, or post war property which are inherent in the history of the building and how it was constructed – the report will cover the main things to consider.


Types of Carefulbuyer Reports


First Time Buyer

This is for those people buying a property for the first time who want a professional report focused on the main concerns of the First Time Buyer. Packed with specific information on condition, and including like future costs of Maintenance and Improvements, it’s a comprehensive report for buyers entering the property market for the first time.

Buy-to-let investor

This is for property investors and landlords who want a professional report focused on the buy-to-let suitability of the property. Packed with specific information on condition, and including rental assessment and market commentary, it’s a comprehensive report for property professionals.


Downsizing or relocating to a new house for your retirement? Then you’ll need to make sure the property you buy is fit for purpose. This valuable report will consider everything needed in a perfect retirement property.