RICS Home Buyers Survey and Valuation

RICS Home Buyers Survey and Valuation

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This multi-page quality report and valuation in a format prepared by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is an easy to understand guide to the significant defects evident within a property.

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The Home Buyers survey is intended for houses, flats and bungalows of conventional construction, generally in reasonable condition and built after 1900. The survey looks at both the exterior and interior of the property.

The report deals with:  Roof, chimney, gutters, downpipes, main walls, windows, doors, loft, ceilings, floors, walls Roof space/loft, ceilings, internal walls, floors, fireplaces, chimney breasts, internal decorations, Services – electrical installation, gas installation, water, central heating and the drains Externally, gardens, boundaries and garages, safety, location and environment.

The market value of the property is indicated and a reinstatement value (called insurance reinstatement value) is also given.

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RICS HomebuyerWhat’s included in a RICS Home Buyers Survey and Valuation?

  • All parts of the property that are readily accessible and visible including the roof space if this is readily accessible through a roof hatch
  • RICS HombuyerCoverWhere possible drain covers and electrical wiring is inspected (Note: for a definitive report on services a competent electrician and plumber must carry out extra tests and this can be arranged as a separate service)

What’s the RICS Home Buyers Survey and Valuation suitable for?

  •  calltoactionPeople who want good insight into major defects
  •  Suitable for most houses built after 1900
  •  Larger and very old properties may require a more detailed report.

What do you get for your money?

  • Peace of mind with facts about major defects before you commit
  • Powerful and credible information you may be able to use to reduce the price of the property
  • An independent valuation of the property which you may be able to use to reduce the price of the property