Commercial Property Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)

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Energy Performance Certificate UK.

Energy Assessors and commercial EPC surveyors

Commercial Property Energy Performance CertificatesAll commercial buildings in the UK are required by law to have a commercial energy performance certificate (or commercial EPC). This document acts as a provable measure of a building’s energy efficiency, providing a rating which indicates its impact on the environment.

Commercial EPC ratings form a large part of this country’s commitment to preventing global warming, having been introduced as a direct result of an EU directive.

Commercial Property Energy Performance Certificates (or commercial EPC) work in much the same way as a residential EPC, assessing properties on factors such as the materials used in their construction and the degree of insulation they have. Once all this has been taken into account, a grade is given from A to G, along with advice on how to improve a building’s rating. This can lead to significant savings for commercial property owners.

Due to the vastly varying nature of commercial buildings, the process of obtaining a commercial EPC can be complicated – but help is at hand. With Carpenter, you can get your commercial EPC with ease.