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Commercial property valuation when it matters

Commercial property valuation is a specific discipline.

It can be complex and challenging to reliably establish value, with many variables to consider on a property-by-property basis. Carpenter undertakes commercial valuations for most types of commercial property including public houses, agricultural and rural properties, and other more specialist areas.

Reports are clear, unambiguous and well thought through. That’s why lenders will often ask for Carpenter by name.

Carpenter templates are regularly reviewed tweaked and improved to reflect the up to date needs of underwriters and clients. With mandatory counter signature of all commercial reports, and robust methodology, reports are accurate and informative. Carpenter operates with a £5 million professional Indemnity cover.

It’s the methodology that counts

It’s all in the methodology and research. It’s vitally important that the logic and assumptions of any valuation are made plain and clear. Carpenter reports are very different to other firms reports. With an unambiguous and clearly laid out methodology a Carpenter report gets to the heart of the underwriting details.

costargroupUsing the market leading comparable database resources, local intelligence and benchmarking, a Carpenter commercial report is a market leading product.

Carpenter use the industry’s most comprehensive, verified database on acquisitions and disposals.

Searching over half a million deals going back 20 years, with thousands of building reports.