Expert Witness reports & Civil Procedure Rules (CPR)

Expert witness & expert witness disputes

Expert Witness reportsIn litigation an expert witness report may be necessary.

Carpenter can provide building surveying and valuation expert witness reports in connection with building disputes and negligence claims, including giving evidence in court in litigation. Carpenter experts are highly-qualified and experienced in the production of expert valuation reports for the courts, litigation support and mediation. They can act as a sole party expert  or single joint experts, whichever is required for your needs.

Often a dispute can be resolved without the need to go to Court and sometimes even without assistance of a solicitor. Getting your expert advice early can help you to understand the strengths and merits of your position, and may even dispel some of your misconceptions, or those of the other party.

A report from an Expert Witness is frequently required by the Courts to give an independent objective and unbiased view. Appointments and Reports have to be in accordance with the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR).

Carpenter are recognised by the Law Society as competent experts under the checked expert witness scheme, and are familiar with the Civil Procedure Rules of the Court.

Expert Witness Reports are addressed to the judicial body and not to the party instructing the Expert. The Court may appoint a Single Joint Expert (SJE). The duties and responsibilities for a Surveyor acting as SJE are the same as for any other Surveyor acting as an Expert Witness. Prior to Court proceedings, there may be a meeting of Experts in order to narrow down issues and try and reach agreement. If agreement is not reached, it may be necessary for the Expert Witness to give evidence in Court

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