Valuation for insurance purposes

Property valuations for insurance valuation purposes.

insurance valuationIt is essential your home has adequate insurance cover in place for the reinstatement cost of re-building the property, and this should not be confused with the market value.  A Building Costs Valuation for insurance purposes should assess the cost of reinstating the main property and all buildings associated with the property, fencing, walls and paving, drainage, cellars etc., and any other ancillary parts of the property such as tennis courts or swimming pools etc.

These costs must be calculated by a surveyor with all the latest information, and for listed buildings this is a particularly involved process requiring local specialist knowledge.  This reinstatement figure should be updated annually when you renew your insurance to ensure you have adequate cover in case of any claim, and it can also help prevent you being charged excessive premiums.

Fire Insurance Valuation

Fire insurance valuations are required by property owners on a regular basis, especially when new buildings, or extensions to buildings, have been constructed. Lenders often require fire insurance valuations. Carpenter can provide the valuations required.